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6 de julho de 2012


'la lucia' by SAOTA, durban, south africa
image © SAOTA
all images courtesy SAOTA

cape town-based architectural firm SAOTA has recently completed 'la lucia', a residence along the northern coast of kwazulu natal
in durban, south africa. nestled within a grove of milkwood trees, the front door is partially concealed by a pair of these trees
which flank the entry walk. upon passing to the continuous interior space, a grand view of the ocean is revealed, framed with
the ceiling clad with aligned timber slats. the entire room opens to a sea-facing pool deck and garden to the west of the structure.
a series of metal panels line the lower and upper levels, sliding along the facade to completely or partially seal it off for privacy
or to minimize solar gain. the screens are made from bronzed anodised aluminum evoking the texture of the nearby leaf canopies.

four individual terraces project from the upper level bedrooms. selected by antoni associates, a neutral palette of sand-colored
concrete floors, bleached timber, natural leathers and grey linens are accented with touches of charcoal, teal and azure.

side of the dwelling
image © SAOTA

image © SAOTA

combined living space
image © SAOTA

living room
image © SAOTA

image © SAOTA

(left) bathroom
(right) upper level corridor
images © SAOTA

combined living space at dusk
image © SAOTA

combined living space
image © SAOTA

image © SAOTA

glass enclosed stairway
image © SAOTA

images © SAOTA

view towards the south
image © SAOTA

illuminated at night, the pattern of the screens emerges
image © SAOTA

floor plan / level 0
1. entrance hall
2. kitchen
3. lounge
4. dining room
5. staff room
6. terrace
7. pool
8. spa
9. deck
10. garage
11. bedroom
12. double volume
13. road side
14. sea side

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